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Failing to plan for your taxes is planning for failure. What does that tried-but-true saying mean for you? It means if you don’t implement a tax strategy now, long before your taxes are due, you’ll likely miss tax savings opportunities that preserve your hard-earned income.

From individual and business tax planning and preparation, to retirement and estate planning services, the Top Kohlbush + Hoem team stands ready to support you. We provide strategic tax planning, preparation, and consultation for a wide range of individuals, businesses, estates, and trusts. Our team takes the time to listen to your goals and needs and designs solutions that offer proven results.

Our tax planning expertise will help you develop tax saving strategies on an ongoing basis while keeping you in compliance with ever-changing tax laws. TK+H also takes a long-term approach to your financial well-being, so you and your family are positioned for future success.

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Income Tax Planning

This essential element of the tax preparation process is a major factor in the financial decision-making for any individual, existing business owner, or someone starting a small business. We continually monitor changes to tax laws and regulations, allowing us to identify critical money-saving opportunities that could minimize your current and future tax liabilities.

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Preparation + Compliance

Tax returns often seem like just compliance requirements. However, we don’t simply run your numbers and check the right boxes. We employ a proactive rather than reactive approach to tax return preparation for corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and individuals to ensure you comply with federal, state, and local law.

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Estate + Trust Planning + Preparation

Our reputation for staying current with ever-changing tax laws is particularly handy in trust and estate planning, as does our meticulous attention to detail. We will protect your estate from a heavy tax burden, ensuring your loved ones will receive the inheritance you intended.

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Compensation Tax Planning

We have helped individuals for decades with tax planning for stock options and other compensation to ensure you do not pay one more dollar than you must in taxes based on current law and regulations.


Multistate Tax Planning

Did you know that, in Kansas, riding a balloon that’s tethered to the ground is subject to the state’s amusement tax? Or that Oregon law assesses companies in part on intangible assets such their brand value? We do. We’re on top of the thousands of state and local tax law nuances that exist, giving us a deep understanding of the tax landscape in every jurisdiction — including sales, use, income, franchise, and gross receipts.

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Retirement Tax Planning

We work with you and your financial advisor to develop the best strategies to meet your long-term goals of maximizing future income while reducing your tax burden during your golden years.

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IRS, State + Local Representation

We take the stress out of receiving a notice from the IRS or state revenue department. We will represent you during any meetings or correspondence, giving you peace of mind that we will take care of you and safeguard your interests.